Galilee of the Nations

An excellent resource for the latest and greatest Messianic music on the planet!  They definitely have a heart for Israel!

Light Beacon Ministries

The ministry of Ben and Liz Cassutto, which is dedicated to teaching the Church the importance of Jewish history, customs and traditions.  Their goal is to share the love of Messiah with the whole world.  Their books, “The Last Jew of Rotterdam” and “Buried Treasure” can be purchased on the site.

Zemer Levav

Wonderful Middle Eastern music!  Zemer lives in a motor home and travels all over the world sharing the message of love and hope in Messiah Yeshua!

Bagels and Blessings Podcast Site

Messianic Times

The Messianic Community

Liberated Wailing Wall

Mobile evangelistic singing team from Jews for Jesus

Sounds of Shalom Messianic Radio

24 hour Messianic Worship!

Jewish Jesus

Have you met the Jewish Jesus?

Congregation Shema Yisrael

Messianic Links